Ultra-flat, ultra-light & flexible - even at high temperatures: PrizmaCap™ AVX expands the existing AVX supercapacitor portfolio at Rutronik.

05/26/2021 Know-How

When things get hot: the AVX product innovation is suitable for operating temperatures from-55°C to +90°C and thus has the largest temperature range currently available. The SuperCap also comes with an extremely flat (from 0.8mm) and lightweight flexible housing. To avoid solder temperature overload scenarios for the PrizmaCapTM, AVX Interconnect‘s 70-9159 series single-pole BTB contact can be used for connection to the PCB. AVX‘s prismatic supercapacitors are available at www.rutronik24.com.

Propylene carbonate (PC)-based electrolytic technology combined with a low-profile design addresses high-temperature, low-space applications that cannot be addressed by conventional supercapacitors. For operating temperatures above 65°C, derating the voltage from 2.1V to 1.1V is recommended to ensure long life.

Optimal power supply for wearables and handheld.

The PrizmaCap is optimal for wearables or handheld devices to support the primary battery with peak power or as energy storage in energy harvesting applications. Furthermore, the product offers a potential solution for certain wireless devices such as bluetooth keyboards, where the superior fast charging capability of supercapacitor technology comes into play.

Customization of footprint, height and capacity is possible, taking into account project volume. The PrizmaCap is available in 3.5/8.5/15F values. Further capacitance values and footprints are already being qualified. Currently, the delivery time for the PrizmaCap is 18 weeks.



For more information about AVX`s supercapacitors and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at www.rutronik24.com.


Contact Person:

Tobias Baisch, Product Sales Manager Capacitors

 +49 7231 801 4450 | tobias.baisch@rutronik.com