Triple failure protection for automotive & industry: thermal fuse from SCHURTER at Rutronik

11/19/2020 Know-How

Supplement to fuses: The RTS (Reflow Thermal Switch) with shunt from SCHURTER prevents thermal runaway and is to be understood as an additional element in the safety chain. At just 6.6 mm x 8.8 mm, the RTS combines three functions on the SMD component: Overtemperature and overcurrent protection as well as current measurement. This enables a cost-effective increase in security, especially in automotive applications and in the professional environment. The thermal fuse is available at

The crux of extremely powerful and at the same time the smallest possible electronic products lies in the threat of overheating (thermal runway) due to self-reinforcing processes that produce heat. This can lead to the destruction of a component or the entire product and in the worst case even to fires or explosions. The RTS is placed as close as possible to the component to be protected and disconnects it from the circuit if a certain threshold value for the ambient temperature of the power semiconductor is exceeded. The level of the current flowing through can also be measured and, if necessary, corrected by adding a shunt measuring resistor.

Operating currents of 130A and nominal DC voltages of 60V can be processed without any problems for the RTS from SCHURTER. The standard version has a measuring sensor resistance of 500μΩ and a trigger temperature of 210°C.

The RTS with shunt is suitable for 12V and 48V applications in automotive power electronics. These include cooling fan applications, ABS, power steering, PTC heaters, HVAC, glow plugs, and diesel radiators. In the industrial environment, it is particularly suitable for areas such as battery protection, power supply units, lighting for ballasts, H-bridge circuits and motor drives.

The standard versions can be used for an individual solution with adapted parameters, e.g. the level of the resistance or the tripping temperature, also meet customer-specific requirements. 


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