Suitable connections for a wide range of applications: The Mini-Fit connector family from Molex at Rutronik

05/17/2023 Product News

The Mini-Fit connectors from Molex impress with their high flexibility and are excellent for use even with difficult designs. They are both mutually and downwardly compatible in their respective category. With options such as dummy plugs or contact positioning fuses, the Mini-Fit family of connectors creates a connector system for use in almost every area of industry, as well as telecommunications, computing, and consumer devices. They are available in board-to-board, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire configurations in reel, bag, or tray packaging at

The Mini-Fits are designed for use at operating temperatures from -40 °C up to +125 °C. All connectors in the series support high currents. For example, Mini-Fit Stigma as well as Mini-Fit Plus can handle up to 11.5 A and Mini-Fit Versa Color up to 13 A. All components of the series operate at a rated power of up to 600 V AC/DC have a dielectric resistance of 2200 V (AC), an insulation resistance of 1000 MΩ, and are RoHS compliant.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Mini-Fit BMI: Blind mating interface: Allows 2.54 mm misalignment in X and Y axis for all configurations.
  • Mini-Fit Max: End-to-end stackable, 4 independent contact points, tangless terminal
  • Mini-Fit Sigma: Sturdy, secure housing, seal cap support, keying, and polarization
  • Mini-Fit Plus HCS: Crimp terminals produced of proprietary high current alloy, sockets, and plugs suitable for Mini-Fit and Mini-Fit Plus crimp contacts, patented dimple design on contacts
  • Mini-Fit TPA2: Terminal position assurance (TPA) with secondary locking feature
  • Mini-Fit Versa Color: options for panel mounting and vertical headers, 5 color variants

Other applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Consumer devices
  • Medical Technology
  • Industrial automation


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The connector family from Molex opens up a wide area of possible applications.