State-of-the-Art Sensor Fusion with the Rutronik Adapter Board RAB1

09/27/2022 Unternehmensnachrichten

Rutronik System Solutions' board family gets a new addition with the RAB1 - Sensorfusion. The adapter board offers its own platform that allows machine learning (ML) based sensor fusion, which forms the basis and the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Equipped with the highest performance sensors from Infineon, Bosch SE, and Sensirion. All sensors are also available in Rutronik's product portfolio. Thanks to the advanced components and the possible intelligent combination of sensor values, the board is ideal for a wide range of applications of sensor fusion, like air quality measurement or smoke and gas detectors. That makes the RAB1 the perfect tool for development and shortens the time to market.

A detailed analysis of complex systems requires data. Combining and linking different measured values from several sensors is of enormous importance to gain information. That process is known as sensor fusion. With the RAB1 - Sensorfusion Board, the experts at Rutronik System Solutions have developed a platform for sensor fusion. "Using our RAB1 - Sensorfusion Board, developers receive a perfectly suitable development board. One factor is the selection of modern sensors from leading manufacturers. Due to the compilation, it is easy for developers to test and select the most suitable components or combination of sensors for the respective application. That significantly reduces time-to-market," says Stephan Menze, Head of Global Innovation Management.

High-performance sensors from Infineon, Bosch SE, and Sensirion
Advanced sensors from Infineon, Bosch SE, and Sensirion provide the highest quality to get the required information. For example, the board features the DPS310 barometric air pressure sensor from Infineon, the BMI270 IMU and the BME688 intelligent gas sensor from Bosch Sensortec, and the SGP40-D-R4 and the SHT41-AD1B-R2 temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion. These components are available in Rutronik's product portfolio and can be tested individually or in combination using the board. In addition, Rutronik System Solutions provides the software including various application examples.

Combine with each other and shorten time-to-market
Like all boards from Rutronik System Solutions, the RAB1 - Sensorfusion also has an Arduino interface. So it is easy to use with all other boards, including the Rutronik Basis Board RDK2. With this flexibility and compatibility, individual proof-of-concepts can be designed depending on the application, the pre-development phase speeds up, and time to market is reduced.

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For the RAB1 - Sensorfusion Board, Rutronik focuses on the innovative power of Infineon, Bosch SE and Sensirion.