Space and cost-saving performance: Rutronik presents Infineon‘s Motor System IC series

12/17/2020 Know-How

More space on the PCB: The TLE956x series offers ICs with integrated half bridge driver, power supply and communication interface. This significantly reduces both the space required on the PCB and the sum of the required components and optimizes system costs for DC motor control applications. Infineon‘s IC series focusses DC motor control applications in the automotive industry, such as seat control modules, electric lift door, sunroof module and seatbelt pre-tensioners. The (BL)DC Motor System IC is available at


The TLE956x series have a low-dropout voltage regulator with an output current of 250 mA / 5 V. The communication interface contains a CAN FD transceiver with up to 5 Mbit/s according to ISO 11898-2:2016, including a partial networking option and a LIN transceiver. Up to four high-side switches (7 Ω typ.), five wake inputs, six PWM inputs and monitoring functions complete the product.

Infineon‘s motor system ICs use a patented concept of adaptive MOSFET gate control that reduces switching losses and enables EMC tuning via SPI, including slew rate adjustment independent of dead time and on/off delays. Onboard measurement and self-adaptation of external MOSFET switching times provide compensation for loss versus EMC power. This allows adaptation to MOSFET lot-to-lot variations with reduced effort for end-of-line calibration. 

Thanks to the integration approach, the series also scores with PCB savings of up to 50 percent. At just 7 mm x 7 mm, they combine space-saving design with extensive performance.

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