Secure and reliable connections even in harsh environments: The DuraClik Wire-to-Board Connector System from Molex at Rutronik

08/17/2023 Product News

Automotive applications, for example, are demanding and components often face shocks and vibrations. Especially in Wire-to-Board applications, a secure connection is crucial, because loose links can lead to signal interference. The DuraClik 2.00 mm Wire-to-Board Connector System from Molex impresses with high electrical contact reliability, mating security, and low space requirements. In addition, the Independent Secondary Lock (ISL), as well as the Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) versions are suitable for operating temperatures up to 125 °C. Thanks to these features, the components suit applications including automotive, commercial vehicles, and consumer electronics. The connector system and other Molex products are available at

Molex's DuraClik Wire-to-Board connector system is available in 2.0 mm pitch for 2 to 15 circuits in single row configuration with vertical and right-angle orientation. Also available is the option to tin or gold plat the contacts. The ISL and TPA versions operate at temperatures up to 125 °C, meeting the most stringent requirements for applications in harsh environments. The TPA version also features the "Interia Lock" locking system, which provides even better protection against loose connections and ensures a secure connection.

Features and advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for vibration-intensive applications (up to a tensile force of 100 N)
  • Space-saving thanks to small dimensions
  • Internal positive locking
  • Audible clicking noise
  • Gold plating and tin plating are possible
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +125 °C (ISL and TPA versions)
  • ISL version meets LV214, ES91500-03 and SAE/USCAR-21 specifications
  • TPA version features Interia Lock

Examples of target applications:

  • Automotive, e. g. headlights, head-up displays, navigation system, and vehicle connectivity
  • Electromobility, e. g. battery management systems
  • Consumer electronics & consumer goods industry, e. g. electrical household appliances, LED lighting, vending, and gaming machines

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A clearly audible "click" signals that a secure connection is ensured.