Rutronik24’s latest feature: CAD visualization of components

07/26/2018 Unternehmensnachrichten

The e-commerce platform has launched a new feature: developers can now choose between different CAD models of the components available on the site and download them for use in their own design programs. To achieve this, Rutronik24 has partnered with UltraLibrarian.

Rutronik24 is working with UltraLibrarian, a platform that offers development engineers access to an extensive library of various CAD formats, to display the components in 3D. To implement the feature on Rutronik24, a button that is visible to logged-in users labeled “CAD Models” was added to each component’s product page. Clicking on this button opens a menu that allows the user to choose between different formats and display methods and then download the desired model via UltraLibrarian.

A milestone on the path to increased user-friendliness

Rutronik´s collaboration with UltraLibrarian is a milestone and makes our e-commerce platform even more attractive for customers. In addition to the existing procurement, PCN, and mass quotation features, the ability to download CAD models is another key element of our range of services. As a result, our Rutronik24 platform offers developers all the tools they need for their projects from a single source - and is fast, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.


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