Rutronik presents: MPU with improved image processing performance from Renesas

02/06/2019 Know-How

To expand the use of embedded artificial intelligence solutions (e-AI) for high-end applications, Renesas Electronics has developed the new RZ/A2M-MPU. It provides real-time image processing and is suitable for mobile applications thanks to its low energy consumption. Samples of the microprocessor are available on

In comparison to the previous model RZ/A1, the new MPU offers ten times higher image processing performance. It incorperates DRP (Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor), developed by Renesas, which allows real-time image processing at low power consumption. Thus applications with embedded devices, such as compact industrial machinery, smart appliances, cameras with image recognition and service robots can perform image-based AI-applications. In contrast to cloud-based approaches, such intelligent endpoints offer real-time performance and guarantee data protection and security.

The RZ/A2M supports the MIPI® camera interface, which is widely used in mobile devices.
The 4MB capacity on-chip RAM eliminates the need for an external DRAM. A two-channel Ethernet support boosts network functionality and a hardware encryption accelerator enhances security functionality.

The Evaluation Board Kit offers the opportunity for evaluation of the HMI functions and image processing performance: It includes a CPU board, a sub board, a HDMI-stick board, a MIPI camera module, a Segger J-link lite, two USB cables, as well as reference software and a DRP image-processing library.

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