Robust polymer capacitors for automotive applications: Rutronik introduces extended TCO and TCQ series from Kyocera AVX

04/18/2024 Product News

Kyocera AVX is expanding its TCO and TCQ series of polymer capacitors, which are ideal for use in demanding automotive applications. Customers benefit from additional housing sizes and further options in terms of C/V rating. The capacitors impress with features such as a low DC leakage current of <0.1CV, a high capacitance range, and stable electrical performance at operating temperatures from -55 °C to +125 °C / 150 °C (TCO). Both series are AEC-Q200 qualified and exceed the requirements of AEC-Q200 in terms of operating life by 100 percent: the capacitors deliver stable performance for at least 2,000 hours at 125 °C in life tests. Further information and products from the KYOCERA AVX portfolio are available on the e-commerce platform

Both series are characterized by their compact and robust form factor, making them ideal for space-constrained applications in harsh environments. The housing dimensions of the TCO series are 7.30 mm x 4.3 mm x 2.9 mm ("D"; EIA Code 2717 / EIA Metric 7343-31).

The TCQ series is even available in five miniaturized housing sizes with a particularly low profile:

  • "B" (EIA Code 1210 / EIA Metric 3528-21): 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm x 1.9 mm
  • "D" (EIA Code 2917 / EIA Metric 7343-31): 7.3 mm x 4.3 mm x 2.9 mm
  • "E" (EIA Code 2917 / EIA Metric 7343-43): 7.3 mm x 4.3 mm x 4.1 mm
  • - "U" (EIA Code 2924 / EIA Metric 7361-43): 7.3 mm x 6.1 mm x 4.1 mm
  • "Y" (EIA Code 2917 / EIA Metric 7343-20): 7.3 mm x 4.3 mm x 2.0 mm max.

 The most important benefits:

  • Capacitance values: 2.2 µF - 680 µF (TCQ); 10 µF - 33 µF (TCO) with a tolerance of ±20 %
  • Voltage values: 2.5 V - 50 V (TCQ)
  • Voltage values: 25 V - 50 V (TCO)
  • Long-term stability in harsh environments
  • Produced in IATF 16949-certified plants

Application examples:

  • Automotive:
    • EV charging (on-board charging, charging stations, wall boxes)
    • Body electronics / cabin control
    • Aftermarket automotive electronics
  • Industrial: 
    • Applications with high requirements in terms of reliability


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Kyocera AVX's TCO and TCQ series enable more flexibility in automotive designs