Renesas S5 Synergy Inverter Kit

08/07/2018 Know-How

The reference design of the Renesas YROTATE-IT-S5D9 kit for controlling three-phase permanent magnet motors considerably reduces the time required for prototyping and thus the development process. The kit is based on the Renesas Synergy 32bit MCU S5D9 and is now available at

The kit is able to manage up to 48V brushless DC motors, and up to 5A peak. In addition to the basic engine control options such as start, stop, speed and direction, it offers a whole range of analysis options: Speed, currents, voltages, torque and other intrinsic parameters can be evaluated via an intuitive PC GUI.

By using a small CPU bandwidth, the YROTATE Kit has only a little memory footprint. Its floating point unit (FPU) enables easy and fast optimized execution of any theoretical models developed on PC simulation tools. Furthermore, the FPU ensures that no time is wasted in scaling or overflow management.

In addition to a USB connection, the kit has an RS-485 and a CAN interface and can also be connected wirelessly via WiFi and Bluetooth. An integrated J-Link debugger enables full debugging without using an external one.

You will find more information on the S5 Synergy Inverter Kit from Renesas on the e-commerce platform (where you can also place orders directly):

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