Reliability and precision: Susumu URG thin-film resistors at Rutronik

12/10/2020 Know-How

Long-term stability for industrial and medical technology: the metallic thin-film resistors of the Susumu URG series are characterized by lowest tolerances and extreme reliability. Inorganic passivation of the product series protects them sustainably against sulfu-rization and thus ensures a long-term constant resistance value. Industrial measurement technology, electrical scales, medical applications and high-precision sensor technology are some examples of challenging uses for the URG series. It is available at

Tightest resistance tolerances of only ±0.01 percent characterize the URG thin film resisitors. Their temperature coefficient is only ±1ppm/°C. They can also withstand an overload of 2.5 times their rated voltage for at least five seconds. Even under harsher conditions, such as a high ambient temperature (85°C) with 85% humidity, changing switching cycles for at least 1,000 hours cause no problems. Even extreme temperature changes from -65°C to 150°C can be withstood by the URG series for at least 100 cycles.

The URG elements are SMD resistors, created for a reflow assembly. Accor-dingly, it is possible to expose them to a soldering temperature of 235°C for at least 30 seconds.

Tests according to the specifications of MIL-PRF-55342/JIS C5201-1 confirm their reliability. The resistors of the URG series meet the AEC-Q200 compli-ance directive for passive electronic components, are lead and halogen free and RoHS compliant.

They are available with 1.6 x 0.8mm (URG1608 series) or 6.40 x 3.20mm (URG6432 series). 


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