Plug&Play for Railway Vehicles: RECOM's 500 W DC/DC Converter RMD500 at Rutronik

07/14/2022 Know-How

With the RMD500 series, RECOM offers 500 W DC/DC converters designed for the specific requirements of transportation and especially rail vehicles. Their 4:1 input voltage range can cover input voltages from 43 VDC to 137,5 VDC (nominal 72 V resp. 110 V) in a range with isolated and regulated 24 V output. That is possible due to a reinforced isolation system. The RMD500 series and other RECOM products are available at

The converter has a constant and high efficiency of 95 % and is parallel connectable in n+1 redundancy. The baseplate mounting allows a wide operating temperature range -40° C to +70 / 85° C for class OT4+ST1&ST2. That provides full power over the entire temperature range without the need for derating or additional fans.

Input reverse polarity protection, inrush current limiting, 10 ms hold-up time, remote control, and output O-ring diode round out the functionality of this compact and fully railway-ready plug-and-play device.

EN62368-1-marked and fully tested to the latest EN50155 railroad standards, including all associated ones, target applications include traction & propulsion, drive systems, electrical containers, and cabinets, break and door systems, train control monitoring systems, HVAC, safety systems, data loggers, lighting, WLAN systems, radio communications and displays such as for passenger information.


For more information about the RMD500 series from RECOM and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at

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