Pay Smarter

12/14/2018 Unternehmensnachrichten

By the end of 2018, the news that Apple launched its digital payment system Apple Pay in Germany swept through the media outlets like a tsunami. This can be considered nothing short of a revolution for the country’s e-commerce sector, because the system is remarkably simple: just save your card payment data, e-mail address, and billing address on your iPhone once, and then use this information to pay everywhere in a matter of seconds. But where does Rutronik fit into all this?

The really clever thing about this easy-to-use payment system is that it works both offline and online. In the future, you’ll only need to grab your smartphone at the supermarket checkout – which many people already have in their hand anyway – to pay for your groceries. And when shopping online, a single click is now all it takes to pay for your purchase – without even having to create an account. As a result, analysts expect online merchants that integrate Apple Pay to see an increase in the number of guest orders they receive – a fundamental shift in e-commerce shopping behavior. In addition, the system can theoretically support loyalty systems and loyalty cards when completing a purchase – a nice bonus.

The Scoop e-money payment system that PBV Kaufmann Systeme developed with Rutronik takes a slightly different approach: it can be used completely offline and isn’t dependent on credit or debit cards. It uses the smartphone’s connectivity to access the device via NFC, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or another wireless method, and treats it like a prepaid credit card. A server monitors the transactions.  

In addition, the customers’ smartphones act as a swarm network: transaction data from the individual Scoop e-money POS (points of sale) are transmitted to the Scoop servers via this network and verified from there. The servers monitor all of the transactions, and in doing so, guarantee the integrity of all of the individual wallets saved on the mobile devices. The swarm network can also be used to distribute blacklists across the system.

Read more about this innovative payment system in the latest issue of Rutroniker: