Pave the Way to 5G: LTE Cat. M1/NB2 Modules from Telit, available at Rutronik

04/16/2020 Know-How

The LTE-M/NB2 modules ME310G1 and ME910G1 from Telit are compliant to 3GPP Release 14. Thus, they enable low-cost IoT device deployments at a scale and provide the basis for future 5G IoT applications and services. Both modules from Telit are available at

With the introduction of 5G, many companies face the question whether it is still worth to invest in LTE IoT (eMTC/NB-IoT). As LTE will evolve seamlessly into 5G, the investment in current LTE IoT solutions is also an investment in 5G IoT (mMTC) solutions: eMTC (enhanced MTC; GPP Release 13) becomes FeMTC (Further enhanced MTC) with Release 14 and eFeMTC (even Further enhanced MTC) with Release 15.

The LTE Cat. M1 (1,4MHz) / NB2 (200kHz) combo modules ME310G1 and ME910G1 from Telit are already compliant to the 3GPP Release 14. Thus, they enable increased power saving for IoT applications using the Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinous Reception (eDRX), allowing devices to wake up periodically, while delivering only the smallest amounts of data necessary before returning to sleep mode. Maximum Coupling Loss (MCL) ensures an enhanced coverage of up to +15dB/+20dB and a superior in-building penetration compared to earlier LTE standards. The modules offer a data rate for LTE-M of up to 1 Mbps (Uplink , Downlink up to 365Kbps) and for NB-IoT of up to 160Kbps (Uplink , Downlink up to 120Kbps). With these features, the modules are ideal for a quick implementation of LTE technology where low cost and low power consumption are more important than high speed.

The ME310G1 features a small size of 14.3 x 13.1 x 2.6mm (ME310G1-W1), the ME910G1 module measures 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.2mm. Both modules support the OMA Lightweight M2M protocol and Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates. For applications with positioning or tracking functions, the integrated GNSS Receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) can be used.

The application areas include asset tracking, healthcare monitoring, smart meter, industrial sensors, home automation and portable IoT devices.

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