One for all: Multipurpose AC/DC power supply of the RACM600-L series from RECOM available from Rutronik

04/28/2022 Know-How

600 W peak power: The versatile RACM600-L series AC/DC power supplies for the universal input range of 80 to 275 Vac provide a naturally convection-cooled average output power of up to 450 watts. The dynamic output power of 600 W is available for short power peaks of non-linear loads. If necessary, that can also be achieved for long-term operation if sufficient system air flow through the equipment is ensured. This makes the power supply ideally suited for use in industrial and medical environments, as well as for white goods. The RACM600-L series is available at

The main output has a wide control range of +/-20%. A 5VSB auxiliary output covers standby power requirements up to 0.5A for household applications.

Certified to UL/IEC60601, the power supply has 4 kVac isolation between input and output and 2MOPP conditions to meet BF safety classification, such as the low noise of convection cooling. The series is also certified to IEC/EN62368 for industrial applications and EN60335 for household appliances. To support easy system integration according to relevant emission and immunity standards, sufficient distance to EMI emission class B limits is supported without the need for external filters.

The focus here is on system uptime and long-term reliability, emphasized by the use of high-quality components in a proven design approach. This also features O-ring circuitry on the board for parallel operation with active power distribution control.

Adding to its compact size of less than 8" x 4" and 1U height, and robust mounting frame construction, the power supply scores with three mounting options: Top-mounted or mounted via threaded inserts on the bottom or rear panel.


Further features

  • Remote on/off; PSU good and remote detection signals
  • PMBus control and monitoring
  • 4kVac/1min isolation
  • Metal frame construction allows top and bottom mounting
  • 5000 m operating altitude (3000 m medical)


Example applications

  • Medical patient monitors and automatic measuring equipment
  • Industrial test and measurement equipment
  • Enclosed equipment without forced ventilation
  • 1U rack applications
  • Rugged industrial automation
  • Hospital beds
  • Patient monitoring, imaging, diagnostics
  • Robotics
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Datacom applications


For more information about the RACM600-L series from RECOM and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at

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The power supply is suitable for application in the industrial and medical environment, as well as white goods.