Next Generation Motherboards "Made in Germany": Kontron's K3931-N Alder Lake N-Series in Rutronik's portfolio

08/28/2023 Product News

With the new K3931-N mITX motherboards, Kontron presents worthy successors to the proven “Gemini Lake” series and thus expands its portfolio of compact and energy-saving motherboards with the "Made in Germany" seal. The mITX boards rely on the Intel® Core™ i3 and Intel® N-series (Alder Lake N) processors, setting new standards in the power range from 6 W to 15 W and featuring numerous improvements and new features compared to the previous series. The motherboards offer scalability in terms of performance, power consumption and cost within one product design and are available in four variants with different CPUs at

Kontron recently awarded Rutronik the title of "Best Motherboard Distributor" once again. Especially the consulting services, the reliable supply of existing customers, and the acquisition of new customers were highlighted. Equipped with the latest UHD Gen12 graphics, they use the same efficient cores based on the Xe architecture. In combination with up to 32 execution units, accelerated deep learning inference and media processing for various edge applications are supported by Intel® AVX2 and Intel® Deep Learning Boost.

With up to three display ports V1.4a, one embedded display port V1.4b (4K) and one dual-channel LVDS (24 bit), the boards support a maximum of three independent displays with 4K resolution. In addition to interfaces such as GPIO, four COM ports and four USB 3.2 Gen2, the Alder series has expansion slots for PCIe and two M.2 ports. Furthermore, the K3931-N mITX supports ccTalk and uses a SODIMM socket for high-performance DDR5 memory with up to 32 GB.

Equipment of both series in direct comparison:

Kontron K3931-N (Alder Lake N-Serie)

Kontron D3543-S (Gemini Lake Serie)

Intel® processor and Core i3 (4 SKUs)

Celeron & Pentium processor (3 SKUs)

cTDP 6-15W TDP


Dual 1 GbE / 2.5 GbE

Dual 1 GbE LAN

Support for up to 3 independent displays

Supports up to 2 independent displays

HD & various 4K options (depending on SKU)

HD resolution only

Up to 4x COM / ccTalk option

Up to 4x COM

M.2 & SATA / CFast optional storage (K3932-N only)

M.2 & SATA storage

Key features:

  • Memory support up to 32 GB DDR5 4800 for premium system performance
  • Intel® UHD Gen 12 graphics - powered by Intel® Xe architecture (inside the SoC)
  • Up to 3x DisplayPort V1.4
  • Dual Channel LVDS (24 bit) and eDP V1.4b (4K) on board
  • Designed for fanless operation
  • Guaranteed availability until 2030

Target applications:

  • Casino gaming
  • Digital Signature
  • Kiosk
  • Ticketing
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Overview of recommended successors for the Gemini Lake motherboards:

K3931-N1 (Intel® N50, DualCore, 6 W)


D3543-S1 (Intel® Celeron J4005)

K3931-N4 (Intel® N200, QuadCore, 6 W)

D3543-S2 (Intel® Celeron J4105)

K3931-N2 (Intel® N97, QuadCore, 12 W)

D3543-S3 (Intel® Pentium Silver J5005)

K3931-N6 (Intel® i3-N305, OctaCore, 9-15 W)


unlocks a new performance segment

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Kontron´s new motherboard K3931-N mITX: High performance for graphics-intensive applications.