New memory sockets for DDR5 modules: Rutronik introduces DIMM and SO-DIMM sockets from Amphenol

10/27/2022 Know-How

Designed for DDR5 and thus state-of-the-art memory modules, the sockets from Amphenol Communications Solutions enable convenient memory expansion. The SO-DIMM and DIMM sockets in vertical and right-angled orientation provide high flexibility for integration. Developed for use in data centers, servers, desktop PCs, notebooks, mass storage, and embedded applications in communications and industrial equipment, they meet a variety of requirements. The DDR5 sockets, as well as other Amphenol products, are available at

Although the DDR5 SO-DIMM sockets are only half the size of conventional connectors, they enable high speed and bandwidth. They can be used to implement high-speed DDR5 digital validation. They also allow a reduction of power consumption and an optimized thermal management.

Flexibility is immense thanks to the option of right-angled or vertical alignment depending on the requirements of the application, making 262 positions possible. The particularly compact design with a pitch of 0.50 mm is extremely space-saving. They are available with a height of 4.00 mm, 8.00 mm, 5.20 mm, or 9.20 mm.

DIMM for vertical alignment
Amphenol's vertical DDR5 DIMM sockets offer 288 contacts at 0.85 mm pitch. They are capable of withstanding shock and vibration testing at high system levels. Designed for the new JEDEC SO-023 interface standard, the DIMM sockets impress with their smooth mating behavior. Here, too, fast data rates and - thanks to the low operating voltage with a small pitch - lower energy consumption are among the key features.


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Amphenol offers suitable sockets for the new DDR5 memory modules.