New at Rutronik: Ultra-stable GNSSDO from HKC

07/18/2019 Know-How

HKC (Hong Kong X’tals) presents its GNSSDO (Global Navigation Satellite System Disciplined Oscillator) of the K-STAR series. The disciplined oscillator receives signals from satellites to generate a high-precision 1 PPS (Pulse per Second) output. It supports concurrent reception of signals from GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO. The K-STAR GNSSDO is available in a form factor of 155 x 165 x 55 mm at

The K-STAR series GNSSDO is time and frequency synchronized to UTC and provides a low noise 10MHz
reference output. It receives GNSS-signals with a sensitivity of down to -167dBm. With a long-term frequency stability that shows deviations of less than 1E-12 the new K-STAR achieves the quality standards of Stratum 2 of the Network Time Protocol and ITU-T Type II (G.812) of the International Telecommunication Union.

While temperature variation and aging of the core crystal impact the accuracy of traditional GNSSDOs when there is outage in GNSS-signal, the K-STAR GNSSDO is able to learn and compensate the influence of temperature and aging characteristics thanks to the advanced AOM system modeling algorithm. As a result the holdover performance for the 1PPS output is better than ±1.5μs accuracy over 24 hours under temperature variation of up to 20°C.