Most advanced storage technology: High-performance TLC 3D NAND SSDs from Solidigm are available soon at Rutronik

06/23/2022 Know-How

Ispringen, June 2022 – Rutronik's newest franchise partner Solidigm adds the high-performance D7-P5520 and D7-P5620 TLC 3D NAND SSDs to its D7 series. Based on previous generations, these products create a particularly advanced PCIe 4.0 portfolio that impresses with, among other things, up to 56 percent higher random read and up to 53 percent higher random write (3.2 TB Solidigm D7-P5620). In addition, the products impress with zero tolerance regarding data errors. In combination with permanently consistent performance, the SSDs form reliable components that considerably accelerate workflows. That makes them ideally suited for read/write-intensive applications in the cloud as well as the high demands of modern computing and storage servers. The D7-P5520 and D7-P5620 TLC 3D NAND SSDs will be available soon at

Launching the new D7 series products, Solidigm hosts a webinar on June 28, 2022, at 2 p.m. to introduce the SSDs and their performance features. Registration is possible here.

New features and functions of D7-P5520 and D7-P5620 include PCIe VDM support through MCTP, advanced SMART monitoring, and support for Cloud C0 Log Page and NVM Express (NVMe) MI 1.1, enabling non-disruptive drive status reporting.

Performance optimization and improved user experience
Multiple, dynamically deployable namespaces are used for improved runtime provisioning and optimized memory management. Intelligent error tracking and logging, as well as access to a wide range of stored data, enable optimized telemetry protocols. Scatter Gather-List (SGL) with dataset management further enhances performance by making data matching on the host obsolete.

Device self-testing, stimulated by the host system, performs SMART checks in addition to verifying functionality, securing volatile memory, and testing NVM integrity and drive life.

Security for drive and data
Even data at rest is secured by OPAL 2.0, a configurable namespace locking and sanitizing as well as secure erase functions at the drive level.


For more information on Solidigm's latest D7 series products, join the supplier's webinar on June 28, 2022 at 14:00 GMT. Click here to register.


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