Markt&Technik readers voted "Manager of the Year": Dominik Schmidt awarded as "Human Resources Manager of the Year

06/11/2019 Unternehmensnachrichten

With teamwork to the title: Thanks to this recipe for success, Dominik Schmidt, Head of HR Development and Recruiting at Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH, won the "Manager of the Year" award from the leading industry magazine "Markt&Technik" in the vote for "Human Resources Manager of the Year".

The award was presented at the 5th Markt&Technik top meeting at the end of May in Munich. 6,000 readers each selected three winners in nine categories, including Dominik Schmidt as "Human Resources Manager of the Year". The evaluation of the vote was carried out by the independent, renowned IFAK Institute. In her laudation, Corinne Schindlbeck, chief editor of Markt&Technik, emphasized Dominik Schmidt's role in Rutronik's employer branding concept, which she described as an "essential milestone".

Dominik Schmidt himself emphasizes: "Even before the new website was launched, Rutronik was an attractive employer that has a lot to offer its employees. This is also confirmed by the Focus Money awards. The new employer branding concept has only made all these advantages more visible and placed them in the shop window."

The focus is on the team
Dominik Schmidt sees the award as an award for the entire team involved in the new appearance of the employer brand: "The award is a great confirmation of the work and commitment invested by all those involved in the project. We were honoured for the harmonious concept and the smooth implementation. The interdisciplinary cooperation between human resources and marketing communication was an immensely important building block for the success of the establishment and expansion of the Rutronik employer brand, the new website one of the most striking results. In addition, we learned a lot during our research on the target employee groups that will also benefit us in the future. I would like to thank the entire team that has been involved in this project and has made this success possible."