Long lasting with high dielectric strength: LSH 14 Li-SOCL2 batteries from Saft available from Rutronik

09/02/2021 Know-How

Low self-discharge rate of max. 3%: If stable performance and reliable longevity are important, Saft‘s SOCL2 batteries are the optimal choice. They operate in a wide operating temperature range from -60°C to 85°C. The container is made of stainless steel and features a hermetic glass-to-metal seal, an integrated safety vent. In addition, Saft uses a non-flammable electrolyte. This combination makes them suitable for use in applications with special requirements for robustness, such as radio technology (including military applications), security systems, GPS, beacons and emergency locator transmitters, as well as measuring systems, sonobuoys, automotive telematics and pipeline inspection systems. The Saft battery portfolio is available at www.rutronik24.com.

The rated capacity is 5.8 Ah, but can vary depending on current draw, temperature and cut-off. The batteries have an open-circuit voltage of 3.67V and a nominal voltage of 3.6V. They impress with their high drain or pulse capacity of up to 2000 mA.

Expert advice for individual requirements

Saft recommends a maximum continuous current of 1300 mA to keep cell heating within safe limits. For battery packs, this must be set lower and additional, special thermal protection may be required. Here, the experts at Rutronik and the manufacturer will provide detailed advice.

Certification and conformity

  • UL component recognition (file number MH 12609)
  • Compliant with IEC 60086-4
  • Restricted for transport (Class 9)


For more information about Saft‘s SOCL2 batteries and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at <link www.rutronik24.com&gt;https://www.rutronik24.com.</link>


Contact Person:
Patrick Dietz, Product Sales Manager Batteries
+49 7231 801 1490 | patrick.dietz@rutronik.com