CW39 - JAE SM3 & MM60 Series

09/26/2022 Product News

The evolution of PCIe and integrated connectors – Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. SM3 & MM60 Series

Since its introduction in 2002, PCIe has evolved into a leading data transfer protocol for computer-to-peripheral communications and has expanded its device support to include network adapters, add-in cards (AIC), network interface cards (NIC), acceleration cards, and NVMe flash drives in addition to the display adapters like graphics and video cards. This expansive and ongoing evolution is due to both the continued support of the PCI-SIG and four primary technology characteristics: low latency, memory coherence, high bandwidth, and economy of scale.

Connectors, of course, are an integral part of the PCIe system. JAE offers high performant M.2 and mini PCIe connectors.

SM3 Series

  • PCI-SIG M.2 compatible deliver similar PCIe 4.0 performance in a smaller form factor
  • Wireless
  • AI data center

MM60 Series

  • PCI-SIG compatible, 52 positions
  • Crosstalk -32dB