CW38 - Raystar PMOLED REX128128BWPP3N00001

09/19/2022 Product News

When you are working on an application for which low power consumption is required, you are at right spot. For all applications, which need to be stylish and affordable, the REX128128BWPP3N00001 is an excellent display alternative. This circular 1.18″ PMOLED is only 2.05 mm ultra thin and comes still with an outstanding viewing angle and an excellent contras ratio. It has the module dimension of 37.18 x 41.23 mm and an Active Area size of 30.00×30.00 mm; The REX128128B is a chip-on-glas COG OLED display without backlight (self emitting); it is lightweight and has a low power consumption. This Circular OLED module is suitable for portable instruments, wearable devices, home applications, audio equipment. The item is available in the standard colors white, yellow and sky blue. The operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to +80°C.