CW26 - JAE AX01/MA01

06/27/2022 Product News

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. – AX01/MA01 Floating Connectors

AX/MA Series Connector - general purpose board to board connectors

2019 JAE launched the AX01 Series floating type board-to-board connector, with a two-point contact structure, to support automated assembly and high-speed transmission (8Gbps+). In 2021 JAE launched the MA01 Series connectors for automotive applications.

The AX01 and MA01 connectors are available in 88 combinations for each Series, 8 different pin counts (30 -140) and 11 stacking heights (8-30 mm).

Both the AX01 and MA01 Series have a floating tolerance of ±0.5 mm in the X & Y directions, which helps absorb positional shifts and misalignments during automated mounting and assembly processes. In addition, MA01 Series connectors can operate within automotive operating temperatures of up to 125°C. The two-point contact structure provides a highly reliable connection and will ensure uninterrupted continuity even if one contact point is obstructed by a foreign contaminant. The AX01 and MA01 connector series uses the smooth rolled-surface for the contact points, which reduces the high insertion and removal forces generally found in conventional two-point contact connectors. Lastly, the AX01 and MA01 series achieves high speed transmission speeds exceeding 8 Gbps and is able to support 10GBASE-KR and PCIe Gen3 transmission.

Features and benefits

  • Dual contact: high contact reliability
  • Easy to use / automated assembling
  • 10GBASE-KR: 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission
  • PCIe Gen3 (PCIExpress 3.0): One of the serial bus standards specified by PCI-SIG and compatible with 8 Gbps transmission
  • Clear visibility of solder joints for easy visual inspection

Applicable Markets

  • Autonomous driving
  • IoT and cloud networking technologies
  • Robots & machine tool
  • Measuring equipment