CW09 - Infineon 2ED4820-EM

02/28/2022 Product News

48 V smart high-side MOSFET gate driver with SPI for automotive applications

The EiceDRIVER™ 2ED4820-EM is a smart high-side N-channel MOSFET Gate driver with two outputs controlled via SPI. The integrated powerful charge pump allows external MOSFETs to stay continuously on. Thanks to the enhanced turn-on and turn-off ability of the driver the number of MOSFETs could be easily scaled up to manage large currents in the order of several hundred amps while ensuring a fast switch on and off. The MOSFETs could be controlled in a back-to-back configuration either common mode or common source.

The integrated current sense amplifier supports high-side and even low-side current measurement with a dedicated monitoring output. The 2ED4820-EM comes along with several latching failure detections, to implement protections for the external MOSFETs, the load, and the power source. Parameters can be adjusted by SPI; monitoring data, configuration, warning, and failure detection registers can be read.

Summary of Features

  • Extended supply voltage range: 20 - 70 V
  • Two independent high-side gate driver outputs with 1 A pull-down, 0.3 A pull up for fast switch off/on
  • Low supply current in sleep mode IBAT_Q < 5 µA
  • Device control, configuration, and diagnostic via SPI
  • Configurable overcurrent/ short circuit protection
  • Configurable Drain-Source overvoltage protection
  • Gate under-voltage lockout (VGS)
  • Ground loss detection
  • AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Lead-Free, Halogen Free, RoHS compliant
  • Back2Back MOSFET support
  • SPI Interface
  • Current sensing


  • Supports back-to-back MOSFET topologies (common drain or common source)
  • SAFESTATEN input to trigger safe state mode in case of µC failure
  • One bidirectional high- or low-side analog current sense interface with configurable gain to optimize power losses
  • Robust against Vbat voltages up to 105 V and Vsource voltages versus Vbat of -90 V

Potential Applications

  • Battery protection switch
  • Input protection switch
  • Static load and supply switch for high currents

Competitive advantage

  • Outstanding robustness against over - and under voltage in 48 V boardnet
  • Ability to manage an charge and discharge path, independently, while supporting an additional pre-charge path for capacitive loads
  • Offers a low side shunt measurement