CW08 - Infineon TLE4972

02/21/2022 Product News

Infineon‘s TLE4972 is a high precision miniature coreless magnetic current sensor

Infineon's TLE4972 is a high precision miniature coreless magnetic current sensor for AC and DC measurements with a differential measurement principal as well as analog interface and two fast over-current detection outputs.

The ISO26262 compliannt TLE4972 enables accurate and highly linear measurement of the magnetic field caused by currents. With a full scale up to ±34mT it is possible to measure currents up to 2.000 amperes. All negative effects (e.g. saturation, hysteresis) commonly known from open loop sensors using flux concentration techniques are avoided.

Two separate diagnosis pins (OCD) provide a fast output signal in case a current exceeds the configured threshold. The TLE4972 offers superior stability over temperature and lifetime thanks to the Infineon's stress and temperature compensation as well as available in two packages to support a wide range of different system integration scenarios.


  • Highly accurate coreless magnetic current sensor
  • Two independent overcurrent detection pins
  • Programmable gain and overcurrent thresholds
  • ISO 26262 compliant development for safety requirements up to ASIL B
  • No hysteresis, no saturation like in core-based sensors
  • Protection against over currents also for fast switching technologies
  • Very low power dissipation
  • Support for safety critical applications
  • Reliable current measurement over lifetime without recalibration
  • Programmable gain settings to adopt the sensor to the system needs


  • Traction inverter (high voltage and 48V)
  • Auxiliary drives
  • Battery main switch
  • Current monitoring
  • Overload and over current monitoring
  • Automotive powertrain