CW07 - Infineon MOTIX

02/14/2022 Product News

High value motor control solutions for automotive applications: Infineon's MOTIX™ SBC Motor System IC TLE956X

Optimal system integration with extremely low space requirements: With the TLE956X, Infineon is launching the first ICs with an integrated gate driver IC, power supply and communication interface. This enables space savings on the PCB of more than 80 percent. Minimized wiring, reduced weight and space requirements, as well as balanced power dissipation and improved EMC performance, result in an optimal cost/performance ratio.
The TLE9560/1/2(-3)QX family of components is available at

An average car currently has over 35 electric motors integrated for body, comfort and thermal management applications. With the MOTIX™ SBC, Infineon offers high-quality motor control solutions that meet the respective requirements.

The DC motor versions come with up to four integrated half-bridge drivers at 100 mA constant gate charge current, while the (BL)DC motor version impresses with three (phase) half-bridge drivers and 150 mA constant gate charge current. The communication interface features a CAN FD transceiver with up to 5 Mbit/s according to ISO 11898-2:2016 (incl. partial networking option) and LIN transceiver.

Patented optimization system

The Motor System ICs feature a patented solution to optimize the MOSFET circuitry with lower switching losses and EMC. Low-power VS monitoring in sleep mode activates the low-side MOSFET to prevent a rise in VS voltage and avoid damage to the module. The particularly flexible scalability within the (BL)DC motor system IC family and the multi-MOSFET driver IC significantly reduce the design-in effort.

Developers also benefit from a variety of support tools, such as boards, software examples, graphical user interfaces, videos and training.