CW02 - Intel Highlight Optane

01/10/2022 Product News

Intel Optane SSD P1600X Series

Intel Optane P1600X Series SSDs provide an excellent endurance across all workloads and is a fast data storage medium for the modern data center. Improved endurance can translate directly into lower total cost of ownership without sacrificing performance.

They are the ideal replacement for SATA NAND based SSDs, which can't compete with the Intel Optane SSDs in terms of performance, reliability and costs. This unique technology delivers an industry-leading combination of low latency as well as a consistent, fast throughput. These drives can be used in all kind of indoor applications for digital signage, infotainment or POS/POI, so it fits well into the semi-industrial market. Even applications in the medical market benefit from this fast boot drive.

Technical Data
  • More than 4x better read/write performance vs. SATA for consistently high throughput
  • 58 or 118 GB drives allow for right-sized capacity
  • Form factor: M.2 22mm x 80mm
  • 6 drive writes per day means high endurance for logging and caching
  • Reliable and long-lasting server uptime.
  • Application usage is significantly faster