In-house Yageo R&D enables miniaturization: Extremely small metal current sensing resistor PA0100 now at Rutronik

11/18/2021 Know-How

Close to the customer: With the launch of the PA0100, Yageo offers a product solution specifically designed to meet the challenge of ongoing miniaturization. At just 0.4x0.2 mm, the 01005 resistor is currently the smallest metal current sensing resistor available and complements the PA series, which already offers a variety of different sizes with the 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and 2010 packages. The entire PA series has high-performance characteristics and is available at

For the development of the PA0100, the company first developed and then applied several semiconductor-manufacturing processes to produce a current sensor with minimal size and a resistance value of only 10-20 mΩ.

At the same time, it impresses with high accuracy (1 %), low temperature coefficient TCR = 300 ppm/°C and low thermal EMF. The PA0100 jumpers are used as metallic jumpers with a maximum rated current of 8 A.

Applications for the PA0100 are primarily size-critical mobile devices such as smartphones, but also battery modules or radiofrequency transceiver modules (RF/PA modules).


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