Improved battery performance in electric cars: Pulse transformers from SUMIDA in Rutronik's BMS product portfolio

07/23/2020 Know-How

Ispringen, month 2020 - Efficient communication between battery cell modules: With the CEEH66, CEEH86, CEH96B and CEP99/99B series, SUMIDA presents a diverse selection of AEC-Q200 certified, RoHS-compliant transformers for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. The products and samples are available at

Pulse transformers are an elementary component of battery management systems and always used as a dual pair: one transformer is responsible for communication between the battery cell modules on the slave side, while the second interacts between the master and slave side.

The BMS Pulse Transformers are currently available in four different designs as 4-, 6-, or 8-pin SMD version with a minimum height of 7mm. Further types with higher operating voltages and lower overall heights are in preparation. High quality standards are essential, especially for the field of e-mobility, which is why all designs are created from the outset for applications in electric and hybrid vehicles, including AEC-Q200 qualification.

The transformers in all series are designed for a maximum operating voltage of 600V DC at operating temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

Reference designs with microcontrollers from Maxim, Texas Instruments, ADI, and Panasonic are already available for the four series.

 For more information about SUMIDA‘s new Pulse transformers and a direct
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