High-performance MCUs for little money: The STM32 extensions F7x0 and H7x0

09/12/2018 Know-How

ST Microelectronics extends its STM32 MCU product family with a high-performance and a very-high-performance series. The two Value Lines F7x0 and H7x0 (Distribution: Rutronik) give extra flexibility to create affordable performance-oriented applications including real-time IoT devices, without compromises in features or cyber protection.

Both series trim embedded Flash to the essential, still allowing secure boot process, sensitive code and real-time routines to run safely on-chip. By adding off-chip serial or parallel memories up to 32-bit, applications can scale-up with no performance penalty.

The entry-level model STM32F730 delivers 1082 CoreMark performance running at 216MHz aided by ST Microelectronics integrated ART Accelerator™ for zero-wait-state execution of Flash. It also integrates cryptographic hardware acceleration, a USB 2.0 high speed port with PHY and a CAN interface.

In addition to the functions of the STM32F730, the STM32F750 has a TFT-LCD controller with the Chrom-ART™ Graphics Accelerator developed by ST. Other features include hardware acceleration for hash algorithms, two CAN interfaces, an Ethernet MAC, a camera interface and two USB 2.0 interfaces with full speed PHY.

With 2020 CoreMark at 400MHz, the STM32H750 delivers high-end performance and adds a hardware JPEG encoder/decoder for even faster GUI performance. The MCU also comes with a CANFD port and another CANFD with time-trigger capability as well as high-quality operational amplifiers and 16-bit ADCs with up to 3,6Msample/s.


The microcontrollers are now available in various LQFP and BGA packages from 64 pins up to 240 pins at <link www.rutronik.com/typo3/www.Rutronik24.com _blank external-link-new-window "open internal link">www.Rutronik24.com</link> (where you can also place orders directly):

<link www.rutronik24.com/search-result/nojs:1337/qs:STM32H7/reset:0 _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">https://www.rutronik24.com/search-result/nojs:1337/qs:STM32H7/reset:0 </link>
<link www.rutronik24.com/search-result/nojs:1337/qs:STM32F7/reset:0 _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">https://www.rutronik24.com/search-result/nojs:1337/qs:STM32F7/reset:0</link>

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