HFD5 from Hongfa – currently the smallest signal relay at Rutronik

07/24/2023 Product News

With the HFD5 from Hongfa, Rutronik adds the smallest signal relay currently available on the market to its portfolio, measuring 9.0 mm x 4.8 mm x 4.9 mm. It is also the first of the 5th generation and is ideal for innovative applications in the fields of medical technology, testing, measurement, and inspection equipment. The signal relay is available as a DIP or SMT variant and as a single-sided stable or latching version. For more information on Hongfa's various products visit www.rutronik24.com.

With a low coil power of 50 mW and an operating current of the coil (5 V) of max. 10 mA, the miniaturized signal relays impress not only with their compact design but also with their efficiency. In addition, they can be controlled directly by a microprocessor.

The relays have bifurcated contacts that ensure reliable switching even of weak currents over the entire electrical service life. Certifications according to IEC 60079 and IEC 60335-1 are a matter of course, as is their RoHS conformity.

The most important features summed up:

  • World's smallest and first 5th generation signal relay.
  • Low coil power of 50 mW
  • Coil operating current (5 V) ≤ 10 mA
  • Direct control from microprocessor possible
  • Forked contacts
  • Available as DIP or SMT version
  • Available as single-ended stable and self-retaining type
  • Also available with 12 V coil voltage on reel

Application examples:

  • Medical, such as ultrasonic / X-ray equipment
  • Test and measuring equipment
  • Test equipment for cable harnesses


Further information on Hongfa products are offered at our e-commerce platform www.rutronik24.com.

Contact Rutronik:
Norman Majer  |  Corporate Product Manager Mechanics  |  +49 7231 801 4833  |  norman.majer@rutronik.com

With the miniaturized signal relay from Hongfa, more flexible designs are possible, e. g. for medical devices.