Low noise and efficient: LDO voltage regulator from Nisshinbo Micro Devices at Rutronik

05/05/2022 Know-How

With the NJM2884/A, Nisshinbo Micro Devices (NJR) offers a low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator based on bipolar technology. As a result, it scores with low noise, high noise ripple rejection and low quiescent current. It also features on/off control. Application fields are PC, audio and video applications. The NJM2884/A devices, as well as other products from Nisshinbo Micro Devices (NJR), are available at www.rutronik24.com.

With a maximum input voltage of 10 V, the LDO voltage regulator delivers an output power of up to 5 V / 500 mA. With a typical 75 dB, the component impresses with high ripple rejection voltage suppression and is at the same time extremely low-noise with an output voltage of 45 μVrms.

The voltage regulator also features internal thermal overload protection and an internal short circuit current limit.


Further key data:

  • Output current Io (max.) = 500 mA
  • High precision performance Vo ± 1.0 %.
  • Low dropout voltage 0.18 V typ.
  • Stable with ceramic capacitors (> = 2.2μF)


For more information about the NJM2884/A from Nisshinbo and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at www.rutronik24.com.

Contact Person:
Thomas Bolz | Product Manager Standard Products
+49 7231 801 1435 |


Nisshinbo's NJM2884/A voltage regulators are used in PC, audio and video applications.