For the really heavy equipment: Precision potentiometer 981 HE from Vishay in the product range at Rutronik

06/10/2021 Know-How

Reliable and accurate, even in harsh environments: The 981 HE series from Vishay operates using non-contact Hall-effect technology, making it particularly durable and able to withstand high vibration. Available with hollow shaft or D-shaft as well as spring-loaded version, it offers precise linearity of up to ±0.5%, as well as excellent repeatability. Vishay‘s 981 HE series is available at

Thanks to advanced Hall-effect technology, the 981 HE series sensors are capable of operating without limitations under conditions of high-frequency vibration up to 20 G and shock up to 50 G, as well as over a wide temperature range from -45 °C to +125 °C. This gives them a distinct advantage over other technologies.

The series also impresses with its simple mounting and high durability with approximately 10 million cycles. The high precision is ensured by nearly 360° scanning.

The 981 HE series is perfect for foot pedal position sensors, throttle position sensors, steering position sensors, drive-by-wire, lift and shuttle position sensors, tilt control and tilt positioning feedback, and suspension system position sensors. It is thus used in marine and aerospace applications, agricultural and construction machinery, such as forklifts or cranes, as well as in motor vehicles, e.g. also for dashboard control.



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