For higher power density and reduced BoM: Melexis MLX91220/21 current sensors at Rutronik

02/04/2021 Know-How

Minimize thermal losses: With the MLX91220 and MLX91221, Melexis presents two integrated current sensors for AC and DC measurements with an analog interface. These are isolated integrated Hall-effect current sensors with 0-50A and dual OCD (overcurrent detection). This all-in-one solution offers an optimal symbiosis of small size, low impedance, high bandwidth and isolation.

Dual on-chip overcurrent detection with a separate output also reduces the BoM by eliminating the need for external protections against OC. The sensors are suitable for use in automotive and industrial applications (e.g. OBC), D/DC converters and small electric drives as well as power supplies. Their 300kHz bandwidth predestines them for use in power conversion at less than 50Aeff.

Low power Dissipation 

The sensors impress with the particularly low ohmic losses of the integrated conductor (0.9mΩ for SOIC8 and 0.75mΩ SOIC16). Shielding against stray fields with regard to the differential measuring principle is thus not necessary. 

The combination of internal and external monitoring mechanism ensures optimization of dual on-chip overcurrent detection. The response time of the internal OCD threshold is just 2µs, that of the external 10µs. 

No magnetic hysteresis 

A special sensor concept captures the magnetic field generated by the integrated primary conductor, eliminating the need for ferromagnetic concentrators. This enables higher density power electronics. 

Additional features

• The sensors operate in either radiometric or differential/fixed mode, depending on the application.
• The MLX91220 is rated for a 5V supply voltage, while the MLX91221 is rated for 3.3V.
• The isolation of the nominal voltage is 2.4kVRMS for SOIC-8 and 4.8kVRMS for the SOIC-16 type.



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