For high operating temperatures up to +155°C: Commercial IHLP inductor in 7575 package from Vishay at Rutronik

09/23/2021 Know-How

Convincing parameters: Intended for computer, telecommunications and industrial applications, Vishay Dale's IHLP 7575GZ-51 inductor offers up to 30% smaller DCR values and up to 35% higher current-carrying capacity compared to components in the 6767 package. It also offers a 50% cost savings potential compared to those in the 8787 package. In addition, it is specified for operating temperatures up to +155°C. Vishay Intertechnology is currently the first manufacturer to introduce a low-profile IHLP® high-current inductor for commercial applications in a 7575 size composite package (19 mm x 19 mm x 7 mm). Visit to view this new product from Vishay.

Technical features of the IHLP-7575GZ-51 include a completely lead-free, shielded composite package that minimizes acoustic noise. It features high thermal shock, humidity and shock resistance, as well as a particularly high tolerance to high peak currents. The component is RoHS compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green.

This inductor has been optimized for DC/DC converter applications up to 2 MHz and high current filter applications up to the component‘s self-resonant frequency (SRF). Typical applications include notebooks, desktop computers and servers; low profile high current power supplies, POL converters; battery powered devices; distributed power systems and FPGAs.

The most important specifications:

  • Size: 7575
  • Inductance (µH): 0.56 to 33
  • DCR typ. (mΩ): 1.02 to 25.2
  • DCR max. (mΩ): 1.09 to 27.0
  • Temperature-limited max. current (A): 10.2 to 61(1)
  • Saturation current (A): 9.9 to 70(2) / 14.3 to 101(3)
  • SRF (MHz): 4.4 to 50.0

(1) The direct current (A) that causes a ΔT of about 40°C.
(2) The direct current (A) at which L0 decreases by about 20%.
(3) The direct current (A) at which L0 decreases by about 30%.


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