For a switchless design: The Capacitive Hidden Switch from Schurter now at Rutronik

03/31/2022 Know-How

Invisible and particularly hygienic: The Capacitive Hidden Switch (CHS) from Schurter functions entirely without mounting holes in the user interface and therefore can be attached in hidden places. This invisible installation makes it particularly suitable for devices with high hygiene standards, such as in medical technology or the food industry. In addition, it creates new possibilities for the design of user interfaces. The CHS from Schurter is available at

The capacitive switch triggers completely without direct sensor contact with the finger. Instead, it uses an electrical field on the sensor's user interface. As soon as an electrical field change occurs, the CHS reacts. It is also possible to use non-conductive materials, such as glass, plastic or, wood between the sensor and the surface.


Meets high hygienic requirements
Due to the invisible installation, the CHS contributes to a simplified cleaning of the device: Using transfer adhesive tape, the CHS is attached behind the surface. This means that no drill holes or plug-in slots are required. In addition, there are no moving parts. Bacteria, viruses, or fungi can therefore hardly settle on the user surface.

It has a high tolerance to wiping movements or liquids and only triggers when the button is touched exactly. For optimal functionality, the user surface between sensor and finger may be up to 2mm. Customized adaptations are possible.


Elegant design
The quasi-invisible mounting of the Capacitive Hidden Switch results in a further advantage: the
appearance remains switchless. For industrial designers, it thus creates more flexibility and freedom in the design of the user interface.


The switch is available in three versions:

  • CHS 1 comes without illumination. With a mounting depth of less than 6 mm, it is the optimal
  • solution for space-constrained designs.
  • CHS 2 provides optical feedback. The RGB lighting can be used as a design element.
  • CHS 3 is the potted version with lighting for demanding use in rough environments.


Further specifications:

  • Water tolerant
  • Surface installation (CHS 2 and CHS 3)
  • Wear-free, because without mechanical stroke
  • Wipe resistant / easy, hygienic cleaning
  • 3M transfer adhesive tape 468MP
  • Low installation depth


For more information about the Capacitive Hidden Switch from Schurter and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platf orm at

Contact Person:
Thomas Weihing | Product Sales Manager Mechanics
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With the CHS, Schurter offers an elegant solution for applications with high hygiene standards.