For a short time to market of IoT devices: Telit’s LN920 LTE data card at Rutronik

08/25/2022 Know-How

With the LN920, Telit offers an LTE data card with an integrated Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X12+ LTE modem. The compact M.2 form factor (30 mm x 42 mm x 2.4 mm) is ideal for laptops, tablets as well as enterprise routers and, IIoT gateways. It scores with high download speeds of 300 to 600 Mbit / s, high-precision GNSS positioning, and thanks to its broad frequency band support, it works worldwide. The LN920 LTE variants Cat. 6 or Cat. 12, as well as other products from Telit are available at

The data card supports all cellular bands between 600 MHz and 3.7 GHz, including Band 14 (First Responder) and Band 48 (CBRS), making it ideal for private and public LTE applications worldwide. Combined with pre-certifications by regulators and Tier 1 operators in Europe, Australia, the USA, Japan, and Canada, the LN920 supports rapid development of global SKU devices.


600 Mbps maximum download speed
As a version LTE Cat. 12 (LN920A12-WW), the LN920 enables a maximum download speed of 600 Mbit/s, while Cat. 6 (LN92046-WW) provides download links with a speed of 300 Mbit/s.

Maintenance for Telit's standard 3GPP and custom AT commands are included in both variants. The product supports advanced security features qualified for enterprise applications, such as Secure Environment SE Linux and Secure Boot.

Thanks to its reliable performance at an operating temperature of -40 °C to + 85 °C, the LTE data card FN920 is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.


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