First-hand knowledge: The new Rutroniker is now available

11/02/2022 Unternehmensnachrichten

In exclusive technical articles, experts from Rutronik provide insights into the world of electronics. In addition to forward-looking technologies, applications, and components, the current dynamics, challenges, and the resulting opportunities for distribution and the global electronics market are discussed. Find out more by reading the new Rutroniker.

Valuable impulses and inspiration for your work are available in the numerous articles by Rutronik's experts. Divided into the categories

  • Application
  • Rutronik Excellence
  • Know-how
  • Passive Components
  • Future Mobility

each individual technical article provides exciting insights and shares first-hand knowledge. In the first article, for example, you can read how energy-efficient components support climate protection and what role the EU Ecodesign Directive plays.

Category "Rutronik Excellence" - Knowing what drives the global electronics industry and distribution
Record inflation, rising energy prices, and ongoing supply bottlenecks characterize the year 2022. In the category "Rutronik Excellence", developments, starting points, and potential strategies will be examined. Thomas Rudel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Rutronik, explains in the CEO interview how Rutronik deals with challenges, what opportunities arise for the company and what initiatives have been initiated. Besides, Markus Krieg, Chief Marketing Office (CMO) at Rutronik, gives a detailed insight into why the broadline distributor is positioning itself as a system provider with Rutronik System Solutions and which strategy stands behind it.

You can find all this and much more here in the new Rutroniker.

Each technical article in the new Rutroniker provides exciting insights and shares first-hand knowledge.