Fast solution for home networking: MaxLinear Wave 2 product family for high-speed networking at Rutronik

07/01/2021 Know-How

Put an end to incompatibility: Thanks to the ITU-T G.Hn standard for home networks, the Internet signal is distributed over any wired medium. Power and telephone lines, twisted pair and coaxial cables become the fast lane for data rates up to 2Gbit/s. MaxLinear‘s Wave-2 products offer a complete solution with baseband processor, analog front end and Ethernet PHY as well as RGMII (1Gbit/s) or SGMII (2.5Gbit/s) interfaces. The product line is available at


The solution also includes three options for the baseband processor (88LX5152, 88LX5153 and 88LX5153A) and three options for the analog front end (88LX2720, 88LX2730 and 88LX2741), giving system designers added flexibility to combine and match different components.

The components are suitable for a wide range of applications in the areas of home networking & broadband, factory automation, smart building, smart grid, smart metering and smart cities. Especially security-relevant applications such as security cameras and door security systems benefit from the fast transmission of high data rates. 

Specifically adapted evaluation kits are available for powerline, phone line / twisted pair as well as coaxial cable. An exemplary solution with bridge function is shown below.



For more information about MaxLinear`s Wave 2 product family and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at


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