Energy self-sufficient and maintenance-free: EnOcean multisensor at Rutronik

11/12/2020 Know-How

One for all: Sensors for measuring brightness, humidity, temperature and acceleration as well as a magnetic contact for open/closed status monitoring make the STM 550 multisensor an all-rounder for smart environments and IoT. Thanks to the integrated energy harvesting technology, the sensor is completely energy self-sufficient and maintenance-free. The STM 550 is available at


A solar cell for which even ambient light is sufficient generates the energy required for measurement and communication processes. In order to be functional even on days without light, the energy is additionally stored internally. The sensor works preventively with reports on energy levels and available light quantity.

The STM 550 matches in multiple applications thanks to the compact and standardized PTM 21x form factor. This allows an integration into a variety of existing switch systems or individual housing designs. 

The multi-flexibility allows an installation wherever data needs to be collected for a functioning smart system, e.g. in smart builds, smart homes and the IoT for space utilization systems. However, the multi-sensor is also ideally suited for digitized facility services and predictive maintenance in, for example, medical equipment or vending machines, activity measurement and the use of artificial intelligence.

An NFC interface is available for configuration and commissioning. Available is the STM 550 with the EnOcean radio standard with 868 MHz for Europe, 902 MHz for the USA and Canada and 928 MHz for Japan as well as the Bluetooth standard valid worldwide with 2,4GHz. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 128-bit key length provides the necessary security for the smart environment.



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