Design flexibility with RF technology: UWB Module Murata Type 2AB at Rutronik

10/06/2022 Know-How

Murata launches the Type 2AB UWB + Bluetooth® Low Energy, one of the smallest ultra-wideband modules currently available (10.5 mm x 8.3 mm x 1.44 mm). The combination of low power consumption with high accuracy and reliability results in an efficient and cost-effective variant for compact and battery-powered IoT devices. The module uses short-range radio frequency technology to enable a wide range of applications. It's suitable for applications including Healthcare, Wearables, Smart Lighting, Smart Factory, Real-Time-Locations-Systems (RTLS), Asset Tracking, and Digital Payments. The Murata Type 2AB is available at

Murata's integrated Nordic IC nRF52840 offers improved design flexibility and shorter product development time by eliminating external MCUs, among other benefits. In addition, there is a 256 kB RAM and 1MB flash memory, a 250 nA deep sleep mode with Bluetooth Low Energy function, and a 3-axis sensor for motion detection. A reference clock for UWB and MCU is integrated.

Maximum flexibility for developers
With this highly integrated Module pcb mounting area is significantly reduced over a layout with separate UWB and BLE IC’s, as well as supporting additional component integration. The development time for adding the UWB functionality into end products will also be minimized using this Regulatory Certified Module product.

The module provides developers with particular flexibility thanks to a multi-antenna design. There are three antenna ports available on the component - one for BLE and two for UWB for the Phase Difference of Arrival (PDoA) function.

The connectivity module operates smoothly at a temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C and a voltage of 2.5 V to 3.6 V. It also supports Channels 5 and 9 for global deployment. Transmit power, antenna delays, and frequencies are calibrated for each device.


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The Murata Type 2AB is suitable for cost-effective and efficient applications.