Design flexibility through high-speed floating: Unique AX01 board-to-board connector from JAE at Rutronik

07/29/2021 Know-How

Higher reliability through 2-point contact terminal: With the AX01 High Speed Floating Connectors, JAE presents a connector series that is equipped with a special floating technology. The effective x- and y-directional clearance here is ±0.5 mm. This product family achieves a high transmission speed of 8 Gbit/s and has an innovative and particularly reliable two-point contact technology. This makes them particularly suitable for interference-sensitive applications that rely on the transmission of data in real time: In the industrial environment, these include PLCs, CNCs, industrial PCs, sensor units and controllers, or in the automotive sector, navigation systems, audio and radio modules. The AX01 series of floating connectors is available at

The connector has a unique terminal structure where there are two contact points per terminal, separated from each other for higher reliability. This allows one contact to remain connected even if another loses adhesion due to contamination. In addition, a rounded surface to the terminal contact ensures less wear and long-term contact reliability. This significantly reduces the risk of failure.

To ensure high-speed data transmission, JAE uses a stubless two-point contact structure that does not obstruct the flow of current.

Further specifications of the AX01 Floating Board-to-Board connector:

  • Easy pick-and-place due to special cap that further protects the mating area before use and facilitates automatic assembly.
  • Uncomplicated mounting due to SMT design
  • Various PCB stacking heights possible: 8mm to 30mm
  • Also available as angled versions with 30 to 140 positions


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