CW49 - Displaytech Monochrome Display 64128M-FC-BW-3

12/05/2022 Product News

No matter whether in vehicles, in household appliances, in smart home applications and metering devices you will always find passive monochrome displays.

The main difference between passive monochrome displays and conventional TFT displays is that they work in pure passive mode. This means that the individual pixels can only be switched ON or OFF.

Our LCD type 64128M-FC-BW-3 is such a display. It has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, it can be controlled in 8-bit parallel or 4-line SPI and has a metal pin contact.

A viewing area of 70.0 x 40.0 mm is accommodated into the outline dimensions of 77,4 x 52,4 mm.

The 64128M display is also available with an RGB backlight. It is also available with an FPC contact instead of metal pins. The operating temperature of this LCD is -20°C up to +70°C.