CW45 - Littelfuse SV6050xAx SCR Discrete Thyristor Series

11/07/2022 Product News

The SV6050xAx series are AEC-Q101 qualified 50A High Junction Temperature SCRs (Silicium Controlled Rectifier) especially designed for automotive industry applications.

This SCR Thyristors Series offers 600 V peak off-state voltage, and the rated gate trigger current range is 6 mA up to a maximum of 15 mA. The thyristors are available in both through hole and SMD type packages, a notch on one pin indicates the package is non-isolated.



  • Good thermal performance
  • Enable high temperatureoperation @ 50A
  • Prevents false-triggering caused by electrical fast transient across terminals in AC mains
  • High inrush current capability



  • Innovative clip die-attach assembly
  • Maximum Junction Temperature: TJ = 150º C
  • dv/dt noise immunity up to 1000 V/µs
  • di/dt capability up to 100 A/µs


Target Applications:

  • Rectifier and voltage regulator
  • AC solid-state switch
  • Inrush current limit circuit
  • Overvoltage crowbar protection


This SV6050xAx high temperature SCR series is ideal for unidirectional switch applications such as phase controls, motor speed controls, Solid State Relays, and inrush current controllers.


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