CW03 - JAE MX80

01/15/2023 Product News

JAE Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd - Compact waterproof vehicle connector

Nowadays automotive systems require more connected, more automated and energy-efficient connectors. This next-generation connectivity in automotive applications has adapted to harsh-environmental conditions and provides high-reliability and protection against hazards including liquid, EMI interference, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.

JAE MX80 series offer class-leading, compact waterproof connector that meets the USCAR-2 standard for automotive applications. The MX80 series has terminal position assurance (TPA) functionality that allows assemblers to easily detect incorrect or incomplete terminal insertion. The MX80 series are available in 2,3 and 4-way in-line but also wire2board connectors and support extensive wire size range (0.13 to 1.0mm2).

The MX80 series, connectors and hand tools are available online R24 or on request with shorter lead times.