CW02 - Diotec SK14-AQ

01/09/2023 Product News

Reverse Polarity Protection Diode SK14-AQ for Universal Use

AEC-Q101 Qualified Schottky for Convenience Systems, BMS and BDU

The SK14-AQ by Diotec is a universal use reverse polarity protection diode for automotive electronic circuits, operated on 12 V supply levels. This voltage is not only used in the traditional combustion engine cars, but also in electric vehicles (EVs). At EVs, the convenience systems run on a 12 V supply, as well as such important circuits like battery management system (BMS) or battery disconnection unit (BDU). The BMS is taking care the charging state and temperature of the battery, and is balancing the single cells. The BDU disconnects the high voltage battery used for the motor drive and is supplied from the 12 V low voltage system. These circuits consume typically few 100 mA of current. The nominal 1 A / 40 V of the SK14-AQ can easily cover that range, it is assembled in the standard DO-214AC/SMA case outline and fully AEC-Q101 qualified.



  • Universal use
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Low forward voltage drop



  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Automotive electronics
  • Convenience systems
  • EV battery management system (BMS)
  • EV battery disconnect unit (BDU)



  • 1 A average forward current (IFAV)
  • 40 V repetitive reverse voltage (VRRM)
  • 32 V DC blocking voltage (VDC)
  • Typical forward voltage 0.4 V at 1 A and 125°C (VF)
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q101
  • DO-214AC/SMA case outline