Contactless measurements directly on the shaft: The PST-360 Position Sensor from PIHER

01/31/2019 Suppliers

The PST-360 from PIHER (Sales: Rutronik) is a slimline package solution sensor (12 mm height) mounted directly into the shaft with no gears. Completely contactless, the position sensor provides excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability even under harsh environmental conditions.

Its low profile design makes the PIHER PST-360 easy to integrate in to any application with no mechanical interfaces, offering lower production line costs than other sensors. The one-piece solution contains two discrete, non-contact components: a full circle magnet and a separate electronics module. This allows an easy wrapping into any shaft, providing engineers the flexibility to be creative.

With a guaranteed accuracy up to +/- 0.5% over the entire 360° travel for 50 million rotational cycles, the through-shaft sensor is not only extremely precise, but also offers a long life span.

A selectable output function allows developers to choose between analog (ratiometric & non-ratiometric), PWM, SPI and CAN SAE J1939. In addition, the sensor has a fully programmable output and the option of including a switching signal.

The PST-360 is also available in full redundant versions, all within the same packaging unit. Target applications include automotive, industrial, heavy equipment industry, marine, medical, agricultural and materials handling.

You will find more information on the PST-360 from PIHER on the e-commerce platform (where you can also place orders directly):
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Contact Person (Rutronik):
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