Compact, cost- and energy-efficient: RECOM's E-Series for AC/DC power supply at Rutronik

06/01/2023 Product News

The AC/DC power supply provides the necessary DC voltage for a wide range of electronic devices. If these have a standby function, efficiency plays a decisive role in order to comply with the guidelines for energy consumption-relevant products. RECOM's E-Series of low-cost AC/DC power supply modules easily meet the requirements of common energy-saving directives, such as the European Ecodesign Directive Lot 6, due to their high efficiency over a wide load range and extremely low energy losses at low load. In addition to energy efficiency, size, reliability and pricing are also key purchasing parameters. The E-Series and other RECOM products are available at


AC/DC converters, similar to sensors, processors and actuators, are among the most widely used components. To meet the high demand, RECOM is launching the E-series in a compact form and at low prices - ideal for mass production. Economies of scale allow RECOM to achieve cost savings of up to 50 % compared to similar products without compromising on quality. The converters boast high efficiency over a wide load range, short-circuit, overload and overvoltage protection, and UL/IEC/EN60950-1, 62368-1, 60335-1 and 60601- 1* certifications.

Application examples:

  • Energy-efficient products with Energy Star certification
  • Industrial control systems
  • Smart buildings and smart offices
  • Remote and automated systems
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Standby power supplies in commercial applications
  • Power supplies for panel mounting in enclosures


For more information about the E-Series of RECOM and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at

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Ecologically and economically the optimal choice – The E-Series from RECOM.

Spezifikationen der Modelle der RECOM E-Serie in der Übersicht






Input voltage: 85 - 305 VAC

Input voltage / OVC III: 85 - 305 VAC

Input voltage: 100 - 240 VAC

Input voltage: 85 - 305 VAC

Input voltage: 85 - 264 VAC

Full load output power: up to 80°C Operating temperature: -40° C to +90° C

Full load output power: up to 75° C

Full load output power: -25 to 55°C

4 kVAC Isolation / 60sec.

130 W peak power

Low profile: 15.4 mm

Operating temperature from -40° C to 85° C

Primary side regulated

EMC compliant without external components

OVC III rating

4 kVAC insulation strength

Low profile: 15.4 mm

Pin assignment of the EI-30 transformer

Power consumption without load

2MOPP medically certified, B and BF ready

Standby mode optimised for Eco Design

<75 mW no-load power

Power consumption without load <100mW

< 200 mW Up to 5000 m operating altitude (up to 2000 m OVCIII

Up to 4000 m operating altitude

EN55032 Class B

EN55032 Class B with floating output

Certified for household appliances and ITE

52.7 mm x 27.6 mm x 23.0 mm

Integrated class B EMC filter

33.7 mm x 22.2 mm x 15.4 mm

37.0 mm x 24.0 mm x 15.4 mm

32.1 mm x 27.1 mm x 21.8 mm


101.6 mm x 50.8 mm x 32.0 mm (OF)


118.3 mm x 62.7 mm x 38.7 mm (ENC)