Bring IoT applications to market faster: Embedded LTE / Cellular Wide Band FPC antenna from AVX Ethertronics at Rutronik

01/14/2021 Know-How

Easy integration and better connectivity: The AVX Ethertronics LTE cellular antenna 1002289 is based on a flexible carrier material and is therefore ideally suited for flexible, easy integration. Thanks to its high performance and isolation characteristics, this antenna offers improved connectivity quality. The 1002289 supports all common LTE bands worldwide with fallback capability. The antenna is available at

Using standard antennas for cellular IoT applications eliminates the design fees and cycle times associated with a custom solution, which significantly optimizes time-to-market. 

The average efficiency measured on a 140 x 75 mm ground plane is at around 70% in the SubGHz frequencies of 698 to 960 MHz. In the mid and high frequency range of 1,710 to 2,690 MHz it is around 60% depending on the installed location. In best case the antenna can be implemented orthogonal to the long end of the PCB. The radiation pattern is omni-directional, so it is perfect for most applications, even in mobile devices and guarantees high reception.

The internal antenna series offers a selection of different cable lengths and has a U.FL compatible connector. With a size of 53.6 x 25.1 x 0.2 mm and just 0.86 grams, the antenna is suitable for use in a wide range of applications: Medical & Healthcare, Smart Home & Metering, IoT & M2M, Automotive, PoS, Tracking, Telematik Units and Gateways. LPWAN, RPMA as well as LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT are also supported. 

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